O ma charmante, epargnez moi: Wind Quartet

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Originally composed by: Gottschalk, Louis Moreau
Arranged by: Anne Christopherson GRSM ARCM
Arranged for: | Bassoon | Clarinet | Flute | Oboe | Wind Ensemble |
Skill Level: 6 out of 9
Type: Arrangement
Notes: Oh ma charmante, epargnez moi, or Oh my charming one, spare me: a Creole style habanera mingling sadness with restless passion. According to Gottschalk, this should be played exactly as instructed, so that the player does not overly personalise, but plays exactly as the composer wanted. Quartet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon.


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  O ma charmante, epargnez moi: Wind Quartet by Gottschalk